Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Turning Two

Little G turned 2 earlier this month...my how time flies! We had some friends over for a small birthday gathering...of course, once you add in everyone's kids there is no longer such thing as a small birthday gathering. Luckily it was a beautiful day, so there was plenty of space to hang out inside or out.

I had some favor bags for the kids with balloons and that was pretty much the extent of my decorating. As opposed to the craziness from last year!

Aunt M and Uncle E were excited to celebrate with us.

And Little G was excited to eat hot dogs!!

But even more excited to open presents!! Yeah...he didn't even hesitate...he knew exactly what to do.
The aftermath...
A super cool, flannel ball from C&R and M.
Aunt M and Uncle E got Little G this fun construction set with columns and arches...appropriate considering their penchant for archaeology.
The 'big' present this year was a scooter from mommy and daddy.

Gotta get that helmet on!


Then it was time for cake! White cake with whipped cream and strawberries. YUM!!

Not long after the cake, it was time for people to go. As my husband and our friend B said goodbye in the front hallway I realized why I had been mistaking the two of them for each other all day...twins, right down the sunglasses perched on their heads and the specific shoe style!

Later that night, Grammy and Grampy read Little G a book before going to bed. It is still currently his number one favorite book.

I can't believe he's two. I certainly can't write down all the stuff he does...it is too much to even comprehend. The kid's been talking in sentences for months ever since his first one, "I threw the fork!". Which we were proud of...the sentence that is...not the fork throwing. Other milestones are jumping and walking down the stairs without holding on...which freaks me the heck out! Pretty soon he'll be moving into his big boy room. I haven't posted much about it here since most, if not all, of our home decor posts end up over at Musings but I will be sure to cover the process of moving from a crib to a bed and how we all cope with that.

Happy birthday, Little G. It's been a crazy ride! Thank you so much for all of the joy and boundless enthusiasm you have brought to our lives. We love you more and more every day.


  1. Aw, happy birthday, Little G! :) Looks like it was a wonderful party!

  2. A scooter for Scooter!! Love it! :)