Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My dirty little kale secret

I have a confession to make.

See this kale:
I threw it out.

See, we headed out of town last Thursday and I ran around like a crazy person that day trying to get everything in from packing to last minute groceries to getting the car filled up to a client meeting waaaaaaay over across the river in ::hush:: Davis Square to writing my posts that were due for FLOR. Needless to say, as I exhaustedly headed to the car to pick up my son from day care so we could leave immediately from there, I decided that rather than keep the kale out on the counter to disintegrate over the long weekend I would throw. it. out.

Yup. Week two and I already failed at my goal to not toss away anything from the farmshare this year.

Oh well, I'm over it...are you?

Good...because we got MORE KALE this week, so who really missed it anyway?

Other spoils include
  • two large zucchini's - I see zucchini bread in my future!!

  • two medium sized yellow squash - I'm thinking a gratin

  • Three cucumbers - Meh. Forgot how much they frustrate me. There isn't much you can do to dress them up, there's only so many pickles I can eat alone, and you can't put them away for later. They may be my biggest nemesis next to kale...oh...and eggplant.

  • Beets - YAY!!

  • Lettuce - already absconded with during tonight's dinner along with the...

  • Sugar peas

  • A small head of fennel - maybe I'll saute that with some onions and add it to my yellow squash gratin

Next week we apparently will be gifted with blueberries. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!


  1. L and I went to an Indian buffet today, and we had cabbage samosas. I immediately thought of your farm share. Don't you think you could make samosas with kale? Then you could mix some finely chopped cucumber in some plain yogurt--voila, raita!

  2. Every time I read a post about all these amazing veggies, it just makes me want to join a CSA even more! Yum, yum!

  3. If you're looking for something to do with the cucumbers, D and I have started eating these great wraps with them that our Lebanese friend taught us. You take a pita, spread some labneh on it (it's a thick yogurt which you can get at a Middle Eastern market, or you can buy plain yogurt and put it in a cheese cloth and leave it out overnight to strain/drain--I know it sounds weird and I was skeptical at first, but it's really good), some chopped cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, a couple of sliced kalamata olives, and drizzle some olive oil on top. Then season with thyme, salt and pepper. If the yogurt seems like too much effort, this also tastes delicious with hummus. We like to eat a wrap with some tomato basil soup on the side (we get the creamy tomato soup from Trader Joe's and throw a few basil leaves). It's very light, and very tasty, and just about the only way I can get behind cucumbers. ;)

  4. I'm assuming samosas are different than mimosas?