Thursday, July 14, 2011

This week's spoils

This week was particularly rewarding since I didn't have to keep the cucumbers in my box. Nope! I just traded them in for more zucchini. Which can only mean one thing.


Other items were:

  • Beets - I made a super yummy beet/beet green risotto as found on my Farm Share website last night and it was delish. My only issue with the dish was that I used long grain BROWN rice trying to be healthy and ended up stirring the pot for almost an hour. OUCH!

  • Yellow squash - I still have some from last week and hope to make a gratin and then I'll probably make these incredibly delicious coins from

  • Kale - not sure what to do here. If it lasts until Friday night, I'll probably just blanch it and freeze it for later

  • Arugula - didn't make it more than an hour after getting home ::grinning sheepishly:: It's just so darn good!!! I enjoyed mine with some salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil topped with a bit of tuna salad.

  • Lettuce - used in a salad for dinner a couple of nights ago

  • Green beans - I been noshing on as snack

  • Fennel - headed for that gratin

  • BLUEBERRIES!!!! - OMG these are SO sweet and delicious. They didn't last more than a couple of hours in our house. Sigh.
What's in your box this week?

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  1. It's always interesting to see what's in season around the country! :) I keep forgetting to take pictures of our farmer's market hauls on Sunday, and just pictures of the market in general!