Monday, December 05, 2011


Little G and I had stepped quickly into a store in our neighborhood - one of several in a small enclave of boutiques and restaurants in our little corner of the bigger city.  The resident doggie came over to the stroller for some sniffs and a woman commented that her children would love to see the doggie too.  With that, a new friend was made.

She has twins, a few months younger than Little G.  She lives two blocks away from me.  She's witty and smart and fun and awesome and her children and Little G get along well.  But I rarely get to see her.  Our schedules are different and Little G is in daycare now, full time.

We catch up via blogs and Facebook - we know the comings and goings of our lives.  But we haven't connected in person in many months.  Too many.  Thankfully the good thing about good new-friends is that the REALLY good ones are like really good OLD-friends: you can be apart long periods of time, yet reconnect really well no matter how long you've been separated - a bit like lost puzzle pieces.

I am participating in WEverb11 this year (to the best of my abilities, what with a newborn in the house).  The prompt for December 5 was:


Did you meet any new friends this year? How did they impact your 2011?

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  1. Alissa WesterlundFri Dec 09, 08:31:00 PM

    I have loved the WEverb11 posts you've been doing! I am honored to be included in this one!!!! Hoping we can re-connect in person soon!!!