Friday, December 02, 2011


The other day I watched an episode of Glee on the DVR.  The Glee club was doing its best to honor a member who needed some help accepting who she was and they sang Pink's anthem, Less Than Perfect.

I wrote about this song earlier in the year as it truly spoke to me every time I heard it and it encouraged me no matter what mood I was in to stop and think and believe in myself as a good mother to my son.

As I look back at 2011, Less Than Perfect is the one song that truly comes to mind as one that could completely change my mood.

Looking forward to 2012, I can only imagine that there will be much more music in my life.  Children's laughter will most certainly permeate the air of our home and that is the best music of all.

I am participating in WEverb11 this year (to the best of my abilities, what with a newborn in the house).  The prompt for December 2 was:


What song did you listen to in 2011 to completely change your mood? Think about ways you can you add more music to your life in 2012.

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  1. You know there are some songs that you just end up dismissing because when you hear them you just sorta don't feel the vibe of the song and as a result the lyrics never really register in your head and you entirely miss the fact that it's actually a great song?

    That's what happened with this song for me... I'm not sure what exactly got me to give the song a second listen, but when the words sunk in I realized what a beautiful song it was... and the fact that you blogged about it made me go watch the music video that went along with it... and man, that's a heavy video. 

  2. I almost chose Perfect by Pink also. It's hitting a little too close to
    home right now. I have a daughter trying to escape an abusive
    relationship and this is the one thing I want her to know ... that she
    is perfect. That the lies he has been screaming at her are just that

    I really love Pink's voice and her spirit and message.