Monday, January 09, 2012

Ladybug's official announcement

I just posted about this over at my LimoncelloSTYLE blog - but wanted to post it here so you all could see how the announcements for the Ladybug came out

Ladybug was born on October 27, nine days ahead of schedule.  She'll go by her middle name which was quite a challenge to announce.  I finally decided to create a piece with her photo on the front and a small explanation on the inside of the meaning of her first and middle names.  But I also didn't want to outright say she'd go by her middle name. Click on the photo's below to see how we managed to convey the information.

I used the most delicious paper from Envelopments for this announcement.  The paper is two sided in cream and gray.  I matched the typefaces to the gray of the cardstock and then used a tart-y pink layering piece for the photo on the front paired with a peach shimmer envelope.

So far we haven't heard anyone call her by her first name who has received the announcement, so we must have conveyed this successfully!


  1. I love this, great solution.  And I ADORE the name Clarinda.  Are you acquainted with the marvelous writing of Elizabeth Enright?  If not, I would like to "hook you up" with a special book just for your little girl. 

  2. This is so cute AND informational. I love it! 

  3. You handled that very elegantly, and what a good story!