Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A letter to Little G

To my dear, sweet Little G on the occasion of turning 2 and a half - 

It has been a while since I have written to you so bear with me if I seem a little rusty.  You are about to turn two and a half in just a few days and as per usual, I am in awe that we have come so far.  You are the most bright little boy I have ever encountered.  Beyond knowing words and phrases and being able to make sentences, you know your world.  You know our family and the people in it and how important you are to all of us.  You love your new baby sister in a way that I have never witnessed before and in a way that I certainly wouldn't have expected from someone so young.

I am forever proud of you and your abilities and your strengths.  And I can see your weaknesses and how you struggle to work through them.  You are so spirited and full of life and love.  Your hugs can cure any ailment.  Your kisses are sticky and lovely.  

I can remember back into the summer when you turned two.  We had such an amazing summer filled with special trips and daily outings.  You took care of mommy and were gentle with her mind and her heart this summer and then as we transitioned into the fall and into the unknown of having a fourth family member, you blossomed right in front of us; transforming from a toddler to a preschooler - from an observer to an active participant in the everyday workings of our family.  

You sing beautiful songs to me in the car when we travel.   You add phrases to the standards to make them more fun.  Who knew that we were row, row, rowing our boat into the mouth of a crocodile(!) or that the itsy-bitsy spider and the twinkly twinkly stars shared the same sun.  

Every morning, when you wake, you ask for daddy and mommy and your new baby sister.  You want to share everything with her - toys, songs, hugs, kisses, love, music, trains.  You make sure she is covered with a blanket and warm whenever she is lying near.  And when she cries, you let us know she is sad.

Little G, you will always be my first born. You were the one who introduced me to incomprehensible amount of love a person can feel for their child and I will treasure that forever.

I love you infinitively and always,


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