Thursday, May 03, 2012

A day in the life

I saw a really fun post recently where a woman took a picture every hour of her day and then assembled them all into a lovely collage of her daily moments, complete with the times of each picture photoshopped in, using only the most whimsical of typefaces.

I can't compete with that.

I can, however, take a picture every hour on the half hour one day and upload them to Instagram and then post them all here for your viewing pleasure sans lovely grid and trendy typography.

So let's get to it, shall we?

The day in question was this past Tuesday, April 24, 2012

6:30am - The Ladybug is up early this morning - so I feed her and bring her into our bed to keep her from waking up Little G with her squeals.

7:30am - Make lunch for Little G to bring to school.  Whole Grain Rabbits, left over sweet potato, chopped chicken fingers from a meal he didn't finish earlier in the week, and grapes - no, we don't cut them up anymore

8:30am - Drop off Little G at his new school...we walk there since it was a nice day.  Actually, he runs there, while I walk behind and then when he gets to a street he runs back exclaiming, "THERESASTREETUPTHERE!!!!!" and hops onto the piggyback, ride-on attachment of our stroller.  Usually we are at least 25 yards from the street.

 9:30am - a well deserved coffee break while the Ladybug is napping

10:30am - playing with Ladybug on the floor in the living room while simultaneously starting to write the packing list for our trip the next day to Pennsylvania.  I'll be traveling by myself with the kids for the first time, so I have (naturally) procrastinated on the packing in protest

11:30am - Famished, I scarf down my lunch.  Salad with left over chicken, goat cheese and the world's most awesome poppy seed dressing...but only 2 tablespoons of it because that sh*t will kill you.

12:30pm - Ladybug is asleep again so I try and get some work done at my computer

1:30pm - Ladybug is up and hungry.  Time for a bottle on the couch while I catch up on America's Next Top Model

2:30pm - Ladybug reeeeeeally needs to take her third nap, but is resisting, so I stick her in the Moby wrap.

3:30pm - The kids' wash is done so I can fold it and pack most of some point, still not sure when.

4:30pm - I have ground lamb in the freezer that HAS to be used before we leave so I decide to make meatballs to have for dinner later.

5:30pm - Just getting back to our house from walking to pick up Little G from school

6:30pm - I should have had dinner on the table earlier since Little G is exhausted, but I had to feed the Ladybug when we got home.  Now I'm finally cooking the pasta and hopefully we'll eat in the next 15 minutes.  My husband has to work late this evening, which we were aware of going into the day.

7:30pm - Bedtime for Little G and Ladybug.  Daddy reads a bedtime story.

8:30pm - FINALLY time to pack.  Good thing I made that list earlier.  Sadly, my husband still has a bunch of work to do, so he can't help with the process.

9:30pm - Packing's done, time to clean up dinner.

10:30pm - I sit down to answer an important email that came in earlier in the day.

11:30pm - Finally, bed time.  Or was it... (to be continued)


  1. Loved this post! I think I'll do one about my day too!

  2. Thanks for the laugh, loved it