Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ladybug is 1/2 a year (and more) old!

Ladybug!  I am so glad you have such a patient personality because you will most likely need it when you grow up and realize how long I go between blogging about all of your accomplishments.  You need to know always, that it is because our lives are so full with you in it and I don't want to ever take time away from you or your brother or your father in order to go sit by my computer to write these updates. we go!!

When we last updated you were 4-5 months old.  A LOT has happened since then.   But first, a picture of you on your 5th month birthday.  We had insulation blown into our house and it was SO LOUD.  On this day, they were working outside your window in your nursery, so you took all of your naps while firmly attached to me.  I set up my iPad with my iMac keyboard so I could get some work done!

Soon after that we headed to the Frozen Four Hockey tournament in Florida - we go every year to the tournament, it just so happened that this year it was in a warm place so we ended up spending a week on St. Pete beach in a beautiful cottage that we rented.  This was your very first plane ride and you were a rock star.

You loved the beach but weren't too sure of the Gulf waters.  

But you definitely loved being the cutest swimsuit model ever.

On our last day at the beach, you finally took a nap in the tent - we're hoping you'll be able to do that on our trip to the beach in July, but realize that might not be in the cards.

After we got home, we set up the bouncy-bounce so you could spend more time playing upright.

On Friday, April 13 you had a small accident.  Mommy had decided erroneously that she was too klutzy to carry you in one arm and the infant seat in the other arm from the living room to the she put you in the chair and picked up the whole thing.  On our 10' walk from one room to the other, I bonked the chair into the little peninsula and you came tumbling out onto your head.  It was very scary.  Mommy called 911 and they sent an ambulance so we took a quick trip to Children's Hospital downtown.

Turns out you were a-ok, which we were all so relieved to hear.  The nurses decided you were the cutest baby ever (though I suspect they say that to all the worried mommies)

The very next day you surprised us by rolling over for the first time!

Every morning, we run/walk/ride to drop off Little G at his school and walk/ride back.  Sometimes you fall asleep in the stroller, but most times, not.

At the end of April, you and mommy and Little G took a flight all by ourselves to Pennsylvania to visit Gram and Aunt K and Cousin W.  That Sunday you were baptized by your Aunt K.  It was a beautiful service and afterwards we had a wonderful party with lots of friends and relatives.  We didn't take any pictures the entire day...but I can promise you, the party was a lot of fun and you did a great job at the baptism.  Everybody loved meeting you.

When we got home, you surprised us by truly mastering the art of sitting up.  When I tell you that this has completely changed your life, it is not an exaggeration.  There is so much more to see when you can sit up and see it and you LOVE to be part of the action.

You also really love the kitty.

You've also gotten very good at rolling over and turning yourself around in circles.  Lately, you've been working hard to get your legs underneath you, but so far that hasn't happened.

Lastly, when we last wrote, we had decided to start you on solids a couple of weeks prior to your 5th month birthday.  We tried baby oatmeal and all manner of mushy foods with a spoon but you just didn't want it.  I didn't have the energy to fight you over it, so we forgot about solids for a while until you turned 6 months.  Mommy was eating some left over smoked chicken and you reached over to her plate and grabbed a piece and just started gnawing away!!  You still aren't a fan of being spoon fed and you definitely don't like sweet things like yogurt or prefer savory we've been feeding you all sorts of fun things like mustard roasted potatoes, steak and meatballs.  Here's picture of you demolishing your lasagna a couple of days ago!

You've been teething lately, so your night time schedule has been pretty sketchy.  We're hoping something will pop through soon enough so that you can be relieved of the pain.

Ladybug, you are such an incredible joy to be with and it is ridiculous how fast the time is flying by.  I am so excited to move into the summer with you so you can experience all of the joy of summer in New England.  We love you so much, you brought light to our family that we didn't realize was missing.

All the love in the universe,

Mommy, Daddy and Little G


  1. Oh how cute! She really is a cutie pie!

    What sling/wrap are you using? 

  2. That nes the Moby, but I've since moved on to the storchenwiege. I also have a Bamberoo, which is a more structured, Mei tei type carrier.

  3. Goodness! Which do you like/would recommend?

  4. I miss you all!!!!  thanks for the update!

  5. I loved Ladybug's rosy cheeks. :) Happy Half Birthday to her!