Monday, November 26, 2012

Occupy Our Street

Last week I told you all about the last two weeks of summer.  Looking back, I can honestly say it was a magical two weeks.  Oh there were lots of tantrums and other blips, but all around, we had a great time chasing the sun every day and I can actually say I am looking forward to doing it all again next summer, too.  

As the summer came to a close, we got an email from our friends, 'Roberta' and 'Chris', who live in downtown Boston with their two children, the eldest of which is a year older than Little G, their youngest, 6 weeks younger than the Ladybug.  Turns out their son, Wookie, was slightly obsessed with the idea of going camping.  And while it was a great idea to try some backyard camping, they neither had a back yard nor any camping equipment (nor expertise for that matter, but who needs expertise for backyard camping?).  Low and behold, my former roommate, 'Laura' and her husband, Grins Quietly, had a tent they could use and we had a back yard.

So we planned for the Sunday of Labor Day weekend to be camping out night and thus Occupy ____ Street was formed.

Laura and Grins Quietly brought their seemed so small at first.

First thing's first at the campsite, we need to inspect our equipment

Hurrah!!  Little G's tent went up quickly!

Behold, the world's largest back-yard tent - seriously, do you see how it takes up the entire width of our back yard?!  Note my husband's tent hiding out inside the North wing. 

The next step is to man your BBQ

The Ladybug and Wookie's baby sister, Storm Trooper, check things out.

Hot dogs, veggies, pasta salads, beer, friends...what more could a camp out need?

The view of our campsite from above

The girls check out the action below...

Just what is going on down there that is so funny?

Oh yeah, the sleeping bag monster comes out to play - not pictured is when Wookie decided to use sleeping bag monster as a piñata

Soon the sun started to set so it was time to start our campfire

Technically, we aren't supposed to use fire pits within the city limits, but everyone does. The bigger issue for us was that our house is on the corner and a very ornery fireman lives caddy corner from us, so we were pretty sure he would call someone to shut down our operation.  However, with a tent the size of a camper in our backyard, he never even saw it ;)

- - - Fast forward to darkness since the picture taker had to take the Ladybug inside to go to bed - - -

Time for s'mores!
This is my favorite photo of the night for Little G's expression alone!  You couldn't find a happier kid..
...except for maybe these kids!

After s'mores it was time to get ready for bed.  Daddy and Little G read a bed time story.

'Chris' and the Wookie in their tent-mansion

No camping trip would be complete without a pancake and bacon breakfast in the morning (which was VERY early in case you were wondering) 

The Ladybug clearly was spent from all of the commotion.

Once the tents were all packed away, the boys decided to take over Little G's's much better than a tent - it has its own kitchen, you know.
Occupy _____ Street was such a great success (especially for me...I got to go inside and sleep in my bed all by myself).  I'm really looking forward to this being a summer staple for us.

Did you ever camp in your back yard when you were a kid?

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