Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy 6 months, Little G!!

Today is Little G's sixth month birthday.

That is nuts.

Nuts because just a month ago seems like it was forever ago...not to even MENTION six months ago!! And how quickly the time has passed. Sigh. Note to any of you who don't like change...don't have a kid. Change is all they do.

We spent most of the month in Pennsylvania with Gram, Aunt K and Cousin W. But most importantly, we spent almost every day for two weeks visiting with Zayde. Zayde wasn't feeling well, so it was good for you and for him that you were there. Most days you would lay on the side of his bed and he would stroke your hair or play with your feet. Below, Zayde decided he wanted to hold you in his harms as well as he could.

The two of you spent lots of time staring into each other's eyes as though you had finally found 'your people'. I know you are too little to remember your Zayde, but I hope that through pictures and stories from myself and your father and your Aunt and Gram and Cousin W, you will be able to know the wonderful, loving man he was.

Amazingly enough, you still have not rolled over from your back to your do however have an amazing ability to spin yourself around in a circle like a pinwheel so that when we come to get you in your crib in the morning, you are usually perpendicular to the sides...which wouldn't be that big a deal if you weren't longer than the width of the crib.

Over the past month you decorated your first Christmas tree...

...helped Santa out by being the World's Cutest Elf... all dressed up and attended your first Christmas Eve service...

...waited patiently with cousin W for Santa to come...

...and enjoyed your first Christmas. Santa delivered a fun ball spinner toy, that you immediately decided to try to eat, and a super-nifty wooden pull train.

After Christmas was over, you were baptised by your Aunt K at her church where mommy and daddy promised to raise you in the Christian faith and the congregation promised to care for you and all other children as you grow up in the church.

You eat so much food these days...avocado, peas, cauliflower, beets, sweet potato, squash, applesauce, pears, bananas, carrots, baby oatmeal, broccoli...basically anything we put in front of you, you will eat! The pediatrician gave us the go-ahead to give you some protein items and grains and I just know you will love them!

Your hair has almost all grown back in...and it happened over a three day span at the start of the month! Your dad almost didn't recognise you when I sent him a picture. You also grew out of every single piece of clothing that we brought you to Pennsylvania in...thankfully Aunt K hadn't sent us the next installation of hand-me-downs yet so we didn't have to go buy you all new things!

You have most definitely found your voice and love to serenade us with babbles...'muh, muh, muh' and gurgling are your favorites, although when you are super tired you squeal and blow high-pitched is super cute :)

Finally, at the beginning of the month, you were still a bit rounded and even by Christmastime you still needed to be held up in order to sit and not slump over and as I write this, you have completely grasped the concept of sitting straight up and not slumping over. We still have to watch you because you don't know how to catch yourself when you topple backwards, but for the most part, you are sitting up!

I can't believe all the changes in just one month and I am so incredibly amazed that you are already 6 months old. The next six months hold even more change for us as up until now you have been immobile and we all know that won't last long.

Happy birthday, Love!!

Mommy and Daddy


  1. AAAHH! I can't decide which is cuter - the baby sweater vest or the baby footsie pajamas. Sooo cute.

  2. Remember back to those cradle "crap" days? And now his hair is in!

    I really cannot believe your little boy is already 6 months old. He's looking super freaking cute. The sock monkey sweater, the pjs, well, all of it.

    Lots of love from Wes, Craig and I: I know it's been a rough, to put it mildly, start to the new year. Hugs.

  3. I adore the picture of you, G, and Zayde. Warm wishes coming your way from the Left Coast.