Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning 20in20 Tracking

Starting date: December 1, 2009
Ending date: April 20, 2010
Starting weight: 222 lbs
Goal weight: 202 lbs
Current weight: 218.4 lbs
Weight loss this week: 3.6 lbs
Total weight loss: 3.6 lbs
Pounds left until goal: 16.4 lbs
Weeks left in challenge: 14


  1. Thought I would let you know that you have truly inspired me. A friend and I have been trying to motivate one another in various ways and we have decided to do our own 20 n 20. We start today. I even made a tracking sheet for our weigh ins. We'll go from today until May 31st (we thought it was a great way to start the summer). And if I don't make my 20 I have to give up all television (including dvds) until I hit it. But if I make it, I will be within my goal range, and therefore I'm going to treat myself to a $100 shopping spree to a clothing store that I wouldn't normally go to because it was a bit over my price range, like Talbots or Ann Taylor. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. That is amazing progress, M! Congrats... I should follow your lead and get back on the wagon so I can fit into the dress I want to wear in Vegas... I've got 7.5 weeks to lose 8 pounds!

  3. I'm also on the road to fitness and weight loss. I started at 234 in mid-September. I am currently sitting at 216. I'm happy with the progress. I'd rather go slow and steady then disappoint myself in the end. Good luck with your journey. You've already taken the hardest step--deciding to do something.