Thursday, January 28, 2010

Words of affirmation

I tend to be pretty self depreciating and sadly, I sometimes extend that humor when talking about my husband.

Recently, I have been thinking about how important it is to affirm him and our marriage instead of taking pot-shots at it.

So I thought I would periodically mention some of the (many) things I love about my will take a lifetime to complete the we'll start off slow for now.

  • Every morning, my husband gets up before the sun to go to work and after showering, shaving and getting dressed, he cleans all the baby bottles, empties the dishwasher, gets a bottle ready for Little G, defrosts solid food for Little G's breakfast, takes out the trash and does some general tidying up so that all I have to do when I get up is start taking care of our son. This morning he did all of that AND folded all of Little G's laundry from the night before!

    So often I am witness to women complaining about their husbands and their lack of involvement with the every-day running of the household and I take pause when I hear those things and think how blessed I am to have this extraordinary person and wonderful man in my life.


  1. that is just so awesome to read :) great post!

  2. Good habit to get into. I too have made a concerted effort to leave cyncism and sarcasm behind in the home and in the office. Even just for laughs, it wears people down.

    It's not easy though!

  3. What an incredible husband. We are both lucky girls: we chose wisely!

  4. you have a great hubby! Mine will wash bottles for me or do a random chore, but im the main one cleaning up and doing stuff. Ive created bad habits for him too. He's at the point now where when he finishes eating, he just gets up and leaves his plate on the table for me to pick up. Or he leaves the ironing board out for me to put away. He works all the time though so that I can stay home so I shouldnt complain.

  5. Yeah, he's definitely a keeper :)

  6. That is a living dream. I have the complete opposite, here Dishwasher full of dirty dishes (but not run), counter full of dirty dishes that won't fit into dishwasher, and clean & dry dishes not put away? Why are these boxy things hanging from the walls? They are practically empty! But, dinner is cooked every night and children are bathed, so I can not complain...too much.

  7. That is really awesome! I love that you posted this about your husband.

    In reply to your comment on my blog, as I love Keith, Davis loves you for all that YOU ARE. :) It takes a confident woman to admit she has a wonderful partner. It's a lot easier to poke fun which I'm often guilty of.