Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Show me your drawers! this isn't a's a cabinet...but I just had to show you all my newest accomplishment!! All of my spices used to be on a lazy susan on the bottom shelf (now being used for salts, peppers, spice rubs and baking soda/power/cornstarch) and I never knew what spices I had or didn't have and I could never find what I needed when I needed it so finally I went to The Container Store and got myself some spice containers and a tiered spice rack.

Turns out it was a good idea because I had quite a few double-spices - some of which had never been opened! Those have all been donated to Goodwill and/or given to friends in need of spices and finally, order has been achieved in the spice cabinet! (can you see....they're even alphabetized!!)

I realize this just lets on to the crazy-side of me...but I have a good defense. My defense is that I work really well once something is organized...but getting organized is sooooooo not my forte! Which I think is pretty normal. Right? Tell me that's normal.

Other areas of our kitchen that have been organized and working well for us for a much longer period of time include our everything drawer (which my husband periodically sorts through and reorganizes - who's the crazy one now...right?):

A drawer for all of my small kitchen gadgets...graters, whisks, corn-cob holders, measuring cups and spoons, etc.:

And our silverware/knife drawer:

So...what type of 'crazy' drawers do you have? Care to show 'em off?


  1. I want you to come organize my kitchen. (My spices are just dumped haphazardly into two drawers -- and I have lots of duplicates.)

  2. Open any drawer or door in my house and you'll see crazy :)

  3. Very nice. Just reminds me I need to do that. Someday. Really....

  4. jo(e) - my brother and sister-in-law live in Snowstorm City now (I memory is failing me but I think Snowstorm City starts with an 'R') which case I would LOVE to come organize your spice drawer in return for some soup, a slice of vegan (or non) chocolate cake, a snuggle with a kitty and a naked blogger photo session :D

    Andrea - I have every intention of pilfering through your sewing drawers....uh...I meant looking through your drawers....uh...checking out your drawers...hmmm... ...I just knew you would have 'crazy' in your drawers and I hope to see them someday.

    cjcrash - you can do it!! one drawer/cabinet at a time :)

  5. Cleaning out the drawers and organizing them are on my list of to-do's! The spice rack is great and I love your sewing organization. I have a dresser that I put all my stuff in and each drawer is devoted to a different hobby but it's one big mish mosh.