Saturday, October 08, 2011

Coming soon

As I round the corner on the last few weeks of my second pregnancy, I am getting increasingly more uncomfortable.  Much more uncomfortable than I was with Little G.  This is for a couple of reasons, one of which is that when I was pregnant with Little G I sat at a desk all day and had time to nap.  These days, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

This past week was Little G's first full week in daycare and he had a blast.  One would think that would mean that I would have some time off for some R&R in these waning days...but instead, I have scheduled every last appointment on the planet between now and her due date.  You name it: the retinal specialist to check out my detached retina and confirm I am ok to push; the dentist; hair cut; waxing; pre-natal massages; meetings with my doula; oil change for my car; another quick run to the dealer to get something on my car fixed; a week without my car to get the damage along the side fixed; seven different pre-school visits!!  All in addition to the weekly OB appointments (this week I ended up having two so he could do a cervical check).  Plus I have a few more items for some clients that I am trying to wrap up and I haven't even begun to start the changes in the nursery to transition it to 'her' room so she doesn't have her big brother's stuff all over her space!  At this point, I'm seriously looking forward to our baby girl arriving if for no other reason than I will HAVE to stop!

I am moving much more slowly these days, so while I have only gained 10 lbs during this pregnancy up until this point (keep in mind, I gained 40 total with my first pregnancy), my lethargy means that I can no longer gorge on ice cream without seeing the results the next time I step on the scale at the Dr's office.  But gorge is what I want to is my comfort when I am stressed and I'm feeling a little bit stressed!  I'm also surprisingly anxious.  I'm not necessarily an anxious person, and I certainly didn't allow myself to get caught up in anxiety when I was getting ready to birth Little G...but for some reason, this time around, even though I've already done it once very successfully, I'm totally freaked out.  I'm guessing it is because I know too much!

She's almost here, and I am trying so hard to hold on to this time in our lives when we are a family of three.  I can barely remember just being a family of two, so I can imagine, that when we jump to four, I will quickly lose sight of what our lives were like as just the three of us.  And I know that being a family of four will be totally awesome; but I also want to be careful not to wish this time away.

So I wait...and fill my time with a bazillion things to do. 

But soon...soon.  

She'll be here soon.

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