Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Will she know him?

When Little G was 10 weeks old, I took a trip to Pennsylvania so he could meet my dad who was in the hospital.  As you can see from the video - they were smitten with each other.

It was easy to convince myself that they somehow were souls that were bound to each other.  It seemed like my dad could look into Little G's eyes and see where he had come from...and it felt like Little G was trying to tell something to my dad about where he was going.

I know it sounds silly, but in the early days of Little G's life, when I would look at him and wonder about how I was possibly going to teach him about the most important thing in our lives, God, I would be overcome with a sense of peace that he must know more than I could ever tell him because he was just there.

So, with the second anniversary of my father's death looming ahead and with the impending birth of my daughter, I am finding myself hoping that my baby girl somehow knows my dad.  I know she'll never be able to speak those words to me, and I know that a lot of this is just me projecting what I wish could be true onto my unborn child.

But what if.

(picture of my sister and my father from the summer of 1970)


  1. My grandmother always said "Aww-Shaw" as an exclamation. It could mean any variety of curse words or just an utterance of disbelief. She was the only person I've ever known to say that with any regularity. Mamaw died in 2001. My cousin E was born in 2007 (she is also my grandmother's granddaughter) and when she was maybe 2 years old, my uncle (my grandmother's son) heard her playing in her room. She was talking and babbling to herself, and she said "Aww-Shaw." None of us has any doubt as to why she knew that phrase. Somehow, she knows our Mamaw, too.

  2. aww! i'm so happy little g got to meet his grandfather. so sweet!

  3. *hug* These thoughts are often in my head too. My dad passed away in 2004. It's so hard knowing my child(ren) won't get to know him. BUT - WT looks SO MUCH LIKE MY DAD. I see him in his face EVERYDAY and it always makes me smile. It's my sign that everythings OK :) And every single time I tickle WT and hear the belly laughs I know my dad is looking down and smiling - because that's exactly what he would be doing!!

  4. I read your blog regularly and even subscribe on an RSS feed. I sometimes wonder why I read the stories of others lives so often. Then you post something like this, and I realize that all at once you, and other bloggers like you, can break me and fill me up all in one post and I am grateful. I'm crying at work reading this as I think of my Granny and my future children. Thank you.