Sunday, October 23, 2011

We've been swindled.

This is Swindler the Snail.

He is a toddler toy.  
Currently, Little G is holding on tightly to him while napping in his big-boy bed.  BIG BOY.  Not toddler.

Meet Ollie the Owl.

This is the toy that we went to the store to pick out.  It will be a gift from Little G to his sister when she is born.

Meet Adam the Airplane.  

This is the less expensive and more developmentally appropriate toy my husband TRIED to convince Little G to get for himself since there was no way we were leaving with a toy for the new baby and not Little G.

Instead, Little G refused to give up Swindler the Snail, so I thought...why don't we get Adam the Airplane as well and then Adam can be the baby's gift to Little G when she finally shows up.

If you're paying attention, you'll realize that this means we left the store with three toys.  An owl for Little G to give to his sister.  An airplane for Little G's sister to give to him. And an orange wooden snail that was not on the list of items to purchase but is now being snuggled with so tightly Little G may never even care about Adam the Airplane.  Or his little sister for that matter.

Damn Swindler!

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