Thursday, May 20, 2010

I *LOVE* Canada

So, a while back I went to Las Vegas with a bunch of these ladies. While there, I met the lovely KasiaFink who is expecting a little boy ANY. DAY. NOW. and she gifted Little G with the most supremely awesome Vancouver Olympic Onesie emblazoned with the cutest Olympic Mascot Ever, Quatchi, playing hockey on the front and the 80's-tastic Vancouver Olympic Logo on the back.

About a month ago, I finally got Little G to try it on and I think he looks super duper cute. Must be those awesome threads from Canada!

(I couldn't resist including this picture with our paper bag stow-a-way in the foreground)

Thanks so much, Kasia, and best of luck in the coming days!!!


  1. Oh doesn't Mr G look dapper?? Look out, ladies! :) Loved meeting you, darlin', and hope to meet your little man in person soon!

    P.S. How funny... I gave birth the day you wrote this!

  2. He looks so cute! Baby Shortcake was gifted a pink Olympic onesie (same style) with the Orca/Bear "Miga" on it to commemorate the year of her birth!