Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ten Months

Last weekend, Little G, you turned 10 months old. This is it. This is the final stretch. These are the moments when I have realized that while I consoled myself about a year ago that thankfully I wouldn't give birth to a toddler, that time of your life has come much more quickly than I am prepared for.

At your 9 month appointment you weighed in at 23.5 lbs and 31.5 inches. You have grown 13lbs and 10 inches since being born. THAT'S CRAZY!!!

Of course, you aren't toddling at all yet. Your move-of-choice is to sit and pivot in a circle with your left hand. It is actually quite comical because you will spot something directly to your right, and move yourself in a circle all the way to the left just to get it.

This month has been a month of subtle firsts. Some of the small things you have accomplished include starting to not only clap, but clapping when we ask if you want to play "Patty Cake". You can also follow a simple command like, "Give Mama the Ball"; but really, only if you feel like it. You discovered how to throw a ball this month and how to manipulate objects to fit into their putting the balls in the correct holes in your farm toy and blocks in and out of their canister.

You still have a great appetite and you even got to help daddy grill our dinner one night. But recently you have stopped eating as voraciously as you used to. We think it is because you have been teething.

And oh has the teething been stressful for all of us. You have FOUR of your upper front teeth coming in all at the same time! It has been the cause of many, many, many cranky days...enough cranky days to have your mom express how much she wished her happy-go-lucky baby would come back to her soon. You even got a super-bad diaper rash from teething, not to mention you have been up at night because of the pain. But as of right now, three of the four have popped through, so hopefully we will get a respite before others start to rear their ugly heads.

This month, mama finally caved and took you for your first hair cut. It was much needed and she wondered what took her so long to get it taken care of. Of course, that really made you look less like a baby and more like a little boy.

You helped your daddy and mama pick out lots of fun plants at the nursery and had a fun time visiting the goats.

And daddy got you a new swing for outside and you LOVE to feel the wind in your hair.

It is almost as fun as playing in the big box that mama's new office chair came in!

This month, mama bought you your first and only high chair that you will get to use for a long, long time. You HAD been sitting in your Hippo chair, but we knew you would outgrow it and mama was tired of not being able to have you sit in the kitchen with her.

Finally, the month ended on Mother's Day. You sent out a fun picture to your gram, grammy and great grammy. It was hard not to eat the flowers, but you did a great job.

We visited your aunt, uncle in Rochester, NY for the weekend and had fun hanging out with your cousin, C, who is only five months older than you. She showed you how well she can get around by scooting and you showed her how well you eat!

It has been a fast month filled with the level of frustration and tears that we haven't seen since your first few months. I totally blame the teething for that. But it has also been filled with joy and love and learning and peace and forgiveness.

You are transitioning, my sweet, sweet baby, into a little boy. And while I find it hard to hold back the tears when I think of losing the baby in you, I am so excited for all of the many milestones and experiences ahead.

We love you eternally.

Mom and Dad


  1. Awww what a lovely post!!! I can't believe how big he's gotten. Too cute!

    Fingers crossed that teething thing resolves itself SOON for you!

  2. Your little man is just precious, precious, precious. And what a tall boy he is!