Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I love you too, U2

While breastfeeding in the middle of the night last week, I was listening to a mix of slow, relaxing songs that I had curated into a playlist before I had Garrison.  That playlist accompanied my first labor and was instrumental in my being able to focus as I went through each contraction.  This time around, labor was too fast to even set up the sound dock for my iPod, but we did listen to it after I had her while we were still in the delivery room answering all of the registration questions that we skipped earlier in the evening since I was having a baby right.here.right.now.thank.you.very.much.ma'am!

Anyway, the playlist is soothing and I liked to listen to it when breastfeeding because it helped calm me down and relax me.  Soon, a song by U2 came on and I started to listen to the beautiful melodies and sway to the beat and I looked at Ladybug and started to tell her about Bono and how U2 is mommy and daddy's favorite band when it hit me.

She's already heard them in concert!

My husband and I got to see the U2 360 tour when they came to Boston a couple of months after Little G was born.  My husband promised me back when we were dating that he would take me to a U2 concert since I had never been...and then three tours later, I finally made him get tickets.  It was absolutely amazing.

So...when my sister called me up and offered to take me AGAIN for my birthday I was ecstatic!  It isn't often you get to see the same tour...almost two years after you've already seen it for the first time!  But since it was the second-to-last show on the tour and the whole shebang had been put off a year thanks to Bono's accident and subsequent back surgery, that's just how it worked out.  The concert was in Philadelphia so I just had to get myself there.  It didn't matter that I was 6 months pregnant - I was totally gung ho about getting to see them again.

Funny story, when we got to the stadium, I was famished, so we tried to find a place to sit down and eat but there was no place to sit down on the concourse.  We ended up getting a hot dog and fries and wandering around trying to locate our seats.  I was walking pretty slowly even back then, so it took a while to get to our level where we still didn't see any place to sit down.  Eventually, I just plopped myself down on a stairwell so I could scarf down my cold fries.  I finished them quickly and we continued toward where our seats theoretically should have been, but there were big glass doors and security in the way so my sister kept trying to go around that area.  Finally I asked her where the tickets said we were supposed to be and she said "C---".  I looked at her and exclaimed..."C means, CLUB!  We go through those glass doors!"  She totally didn't believe me, but it was true.  And let me tell you, walking through those doors into the gloriously air conditioned club area was hilarious.  There were cushy lounge-type seats EVERYWHERE.  There were carving stations and bars and people just walking up to you handing out menus so you could use your smartphone to order and have them deliver it to your seat.  We could not stop laughing at the fact that I had just been scarfing down cold fries in a stairwell moments prior!

Anyway, we eventually headed out to our seats and were greeted with the iconic U2 360 set.

The evening was absolutely gorgeous and the concert was ah-maze-ing.  A MAZE ING!!!  Ladybug didn't make a move during the entire concert, so I'm hoping it is because she was listening intently :)  My one and only issue with the concert was that the people around us all sat down...like...through most of the concert!  I did not.  And I didn't care who was behind me.  If my preggo ass could stand up through the concert than it was going to stand up.

I even got to record a bit on my iPhone to take with me as a memento of the awesome night.

I can only hope that my daughter will grow up to like them as well...but if we're being totally honest...it would be like me growing up to adore fill-in-the-blank-of-whatever-lame-o-band-my-parents-liked-around-the-time-I-was-born.  Yeah...that's gonna hurt.

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