Monday, November 21, 2011

Some thoughts on my birthing experiences

On Braxton Hicks vs. Real Contractions

  • I had very strong Braxton Hicks contractions in the weeks before Ladybug was born.  Some were strong enough to take my breath away and I definitely had to stop what I was doing and wait for them to pass.  I didn't remember what the difference had been for me between the Braxton Hicks and the real contractions for Little G's birth, so when I finally had some real contractions I was quick to notice that they were very different.

    The Braxton Hicks would wash either over or across my whole body like a wave (with Little G) or deeply below that near my pelvis (with Ladybug).  But my real contractions felt like they were centered from within like a very deep, very intense period cramp.  They also set in quickly and dissipated slowly.  For instance, if the pain scale for each individual contraction went to 10 it would look like this with the spacing:


On Symphosis Pubis Dysfunction or SPD

  • I find it slightly interesting that although I was aware that my pelvis was already in place and ready to have a baby, it never even dawned on me that the end of my labor would go QUITE that fast!  Which in hindsight deserves a big-fat-DUH!  Seriously.  I was walking around in excruciating pain for weeks solely because my pelvis had already moved into position to birth a child which meant that it had no support and was basically just dangling along.  I even joked to people that my body was just going to spit out a baby because it was already ready...and yet I was so shocked that she came so quickly.  Yeah.  Duh.

The original birth story

Some more thoughts on my birthing experience
Some final thoughts on my birthing experience  

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