Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Oh Lordy - where do I even start!?

So much to blog about already and sooooo leeeetle time.

As I write this my husband is downstairs waiting for me to be done in the shower so we can go for a walk in the almost-70-degree weather with the baby before having to be back to feed again.

Hence the announcement and then the lack of posting.  Our schedule should be getting back to some-semblance-of-normal in the next few weeks and then I promise not to vanish into bloggy-thin air.

Until then...a few thoughts:

1 - Not sure what name to assign our daughter here.  I call our son 'Little G' and would like to have an equally nondescript moniker for our daughter but other than Little Miss or Little C (which looks too much like 'G' in my opinion) or Miss C.  Any votes/ideas?

2 - Having a baby the second time around is soooooo much easier than the first least for me physically.  That could have something to do with having her within 34 minutes of stepping inside the hospital while standing at the side of my bed.  The ONE THING that hurts more with the second...and apparantly more and more with each child (so holy HECK Mrs Duggar this must KILL you every time) are the uterine cramps after giving birth.  They were excruciating and every nurse that came in said the same thing...they're worse with your second and even more so with each kid.

3 - Oh we're doing the breastfeeding dance again and I go back and forth between just wanting to make it three weeks like I did with Little G and wanting to SUCCEEDREALLYBADLY!!  The latter of which is not as much of a crapshoot as last time around since this little girl has a much better latch and is definitely not the spitfire her brother was at this point in his life.

4 - there's so much how I finally finished her room and the maternity pictures we took and that damn rental car I got to return the day before I had her and the henna tattoo I got on my hand at a blessing way for another friend's soon-to-arrive baby and her BIRTH STORY...oh God, her birth story is magnificent and I am already forgetting parts of it...and how amazing it was having our doula to work with the second time around even though I doubted needing her and and...and...

I'm headed downstairs to go on that walk.

Be back soon.


  1. Can't wait to hear it all!  (Although I will.  I will wait.  'Cause you're a little busy right now.)

  2. How about referring to your daughter as bambina... Or any pet name? Hermana.... Lady C? Little Lady?

    I was trying to be creative... Good luck and warm thoughts on juggling to little ones and breastfeeding! YOU CAN DO IT!!! (breastfeeding that is- i want to cheerlead any goal any momma has!)