Monday, November 28, 2011

Please don't hate...

I'm just going to go ahead and say it.  

As of 10 days post-partum, I weighed less than when I got pregnant and was able to legitimately put on my pre-pregnancy jeans.

Ok...go ahead and hate.  I mean, I totally would if it were someone else.

But let me just get through this because I don't normally brag about my body and for once, I'm totally excited about it.

Waaaaaay back before I was pregnant with Little G, I weighed 206lbs.  Here's a picture of me the month before I got pregnant:

While pregnant with Little G, I gained over 40 lbs.  He weighed 10 lbs, 5oz. Here's a picture of me the day before I gave birth:

I only ever lost around 30 lbs of my pregnancy weight with Little G...meaning that I started this pregnancy with Ladybug at 216lbs.  Here is a picture of me exactly one day before I found out I was pregnant with Ladybug.

With Ladybug, I only gained 13 lbs.  She weighed 10lbs, 4.8oz.   Here's a picture of me 5 days before I gave birth:

So here we are.  This is a picture of me taken last Sunday.  (Ignore the mahem in the background, I seriously grabbed the iPhone and asked hubs to take a picture just so I could post it).  I'm in my pre-pregnancy jeans that fit better than before I got pregnant, even though I still have a small bit of my pregnancy pooch left.  My weight on that day was 212.

I wish I could take credit for having done something right, but I didn't really make any major lifestyle changes this pregnancy.  The best I can attribute it to is that I was mostly pregnant over the summer which meant that

  1. I was eating better since most of what we eat during the summer comes from our CSA

  2. I was running around with Little G all summer, walking all over the place.  Everywhere from the Children's Museum to various parks to chasing him around the beach, etc.
Anyway, even though I know it is totally obnoxious to post this (especially so close to after Thanksgiving), I really just wanted to share this small triumph in my life.

So, yay.  Go me! back to our regularly scheduled snark and self-deprecation.


  1. awesome!!!! :-) I believe you can keep up the good work. 

  2. Go you is right! That's awesome :)

  3. That is fantastic! Congrats!

  4. That is amazing! You look fabulous.

  5. M - Don't remember how I found your blog, but it has been fun to read what you have been up to the last couple of years!  I am jealous on 2 fronts...1. that you still live in Boston and 2. that your body has bounced back so quickly!  Good for you, just wish mine had done that too!  I put on 52 pds with Miss E and she was only 6pds 11oz!!!  At 6 wks post-partum, I am definitely NOT fitting anything but maternity pants and shirts still.  Good for you for bragging on yourself!  

    Brooks (Herr) Anderson

  6. Congrats M.  You have every right to brag.

  7. That's awesome! Congrats :)