Friday, September 09, 2011

A few thoughts...

  1. I am not a mommy blogger.  I neither write grotesque stories relying on shock value about the horrors of raising children - nor do I write unattainable accounts of bucolic child-rearing bliss.  Mostly, I write as an outlet for my own processing.  If something isn't 'right' than I usually need to 'process' it and the best way for me to do that is by saying what ever it is out loud...or in this case, writing it on a post.  I generally don't need help processing the good stuff, so a lot of the good stuff never makes it to this blog.  But because of that, I seem to have potentially created a misnomer about my devotion to and love for my son not to mention how I feel about parenthood in general.
  2. I don't think people with less than 50 kids should give unequivocal advice on child rearing...myself included.  I only have a sample of one.  Soon I will have a sample of two...and that still won't be enough for me to be enough of an expert on anything parenting...I might have a lot of insight based on MY experience with MY child...but I am not an expert and neither is anyone else.  As they say with religion, if someone tells you they have all the answers, run away from them.
  3. I finally figured out the other day just what was so vilifying to me as a non-breastfeeding parent.  I was reading a parenting magazine and it had recently been breast feeding week so there was an article on the myths of breastfeeding.  One of the myths was that you can't breastfeed if you are sick.  Now, although I didn't get to breastfeed, even I know that if you are sick, you can and should still breastfeed.  But the article didn't just say talked about how no matter how sick you are, and even if you are on most medications, breastfeeding is STILL the best option for your baby...which I know is true, but still, what that says to me is that formula is NOT almost as good as breast milk...what that says to me is even if your breast milk is tainted with most drugs and even if you're sick as a dog, your breast milk is by far a bazillion times better for your child than that icky formula crap.  It is THAT messaging that starts to eat away at one's confidence in the decisions they have made regarding nutrition for their child.  Oh yeah...that and the writing RIGHT ON THE CAN OF FORMULA that reminds us that 'Breast is Best'.
  4. I love ice cream. Last night I actually went out after dinner on a special trip just to get some.  My very first pregnancy-ice-cream-run in 1.75 pregnancies.  

That's all.


  1. You know, I've been wondering recently just how I seem to have gotten a reputation for being a "pessimistic mommy blogger" when — admittedly, I have my bad days with the baby — I still believe motherhood to be amazing and I love my children (even the unborn one) with all my heart. Then I read what you wrote, about how you don't need help processing the good stuff, how blogging about it helps you sort out your feelings and emotions...and I realized that this is EXACTLY how I am. So thank you for helping me realize that.  :-)

  2. I'm not pregnant, and I've made many more ice cream runs than that in the past 18 months!