Monday, September 26, 2011

Makin' Me Ovah

Back when I had time to watch TV, I was mildly addicted to What Not to Wear on TLC.  I never really sought the show out, but since it was on all the time on the weekends, it was never difficult to surf to whenever I was looking for some sh*t TV to watch -- side note: my sister and I both refer to the TV programing you watch mindlessly on the weekends as sh*t TV which isn't really a reflection of the quality of the programming, but rather the state of your mind after watching hours upon hours of stuff that really doesn't add to your life but that once you start watching you can't stop.  Other examples of sh*t TV include, but are not limited to, Real Housewives of Anywhere, any top 100 countdown from sexiest movies to craziest celebrity stunts and the last 15 minutes of every romantic comedy ever made -- thus I tended to watch a lot of it.

In a more weak moment in my life, I actually self nominated myself for the show recognizing that my closet was perfect for tearing apart and that I pretty much never step out of the house in anything other than jersey knit basics and maybe a pair of jeans (ill fitting ones, though).

Oddly enough, they never responded to my application.

So now we fast forward to the year 2011.  My poor husband has heard me moan and complain so much about my lackluster wardrobe and my inability to find things that fit me well and my hesitation to ever pull the trigger on wardrobe items that cost more than $20, thus continuing the cycle of misshapen shirts and poorly fitting mom jeans, that he apparently decided to do something about it.

For mother's day and my birthday and now our anniversary, he has slowly been depositing money into a gift card for Stilista, a personal consulting and shopping boutique concept here in Boston.  Basically, it can be anything from a short consultation to a full-on What Not to Wear experience complete with hair, makeup and the donation of everything in your closet deemed frumpy to a place where someone else can appreciate it.

Obviously, I can't actually participate in this experiment at the moment, what with my being 8 months pregnant and all...BUT, it certainly is something super-awesome to look forward to once I am removed from my yoga pants and maternity shirt restrictions.  And since last time I had a baby, I didn't exit from yoga pant land until many months after giving birth, I'm also counting on this gift as some sweet motivation to get me back to pre-pre-baby weight: as in, the shape I was in before having even that first one!   So really, even though I have yet to spend a dime of my cache, it already is the gift that keeps on giving!

So many thanks to my incredibly generous and thoughtful husband who took a risk that could have ended up with me in tears wondering if I would be able to hold on to a man who clearly thinks my style sucks as much as I think it does but instead has made me the happiest What Not to Wear contestant ever.


  1. What an awesome gift! (And I am on the same boat as you on having nothing to wear, and being afraid to buy anything that is over $ addition to the fact that I'm pregnant as well.) I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Awesome gift!!! We will definitely be wanting full updates on the process when you do finally get to use it!