Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project September - a new direction

Well, I fell off my picture project bandwagon and now I'm feeling rather disappointed with myself.  The problem is, I usually have an idea of what I want to take a picture of, but by the time I get around to taking a picture of it, I either don't have my camera or a phone nearby or I just don't feel like doing it because I know I won't have the time to upload it.  That and I put WAY too much pressure on myself to take an artistic, beautiful picture when I that really isn't my skillset.


Instead, I thought I would catch up on the few that I missed recently by using the photo prompts as blog prompts.  Because, in the end, the purpose is to help me be a bit more creative in my thinking so who cares if its words vs. pictures, right? goes nothing...

9/10 - Today's Mood -- That Saturday was our annual block party and while I had visions of getting an amazing picture of my son bouncing around like a lunatic in the bouncy house to capture the joy of the day, the reality of the day was that I was having a bad day and was really in a bad mood.  I didn't know any other way of taking a picture of my bad mood, so I ignored it and instead worked on trying to better my mood

9/11 - What inspires me -- Ah yes...herein lies my age old problem.  I hate answering questions like this because I always get stuck thinking that my answer will be recorded until the end of time and I will never be able to say, 'shoot, that wasn't what inspires me...THIS inspires me...'.  So I was frozen with indecision.  Truly, what I should have done was take a screen shot of my Pinterest page, because that never fails to inspire me.

9/12 - Daily routine -- the 12th was a Monday and Monday's aren't a routine day at all.  But one thing I DO do every morning, is check my email on my iPhone while still in bed.

9/13 - Today's news -- hmmm...not sure what the news was that Tuesday.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I probably never even got a chance to see the news because Tuesdays are our busiest days and I'm usually out of the house with Little G all day

9/14 - The weather -- yeah...I don't remember that.

9/15 - Today's small pleasure -- Thursday's small pleasure is always going to bed knowing that the next day is a daycare day and I'll hopefully be able to get some work done

9/16 - In the bathroom -- A fun picture of Little G's bathtub frog would have been a great choice...especially against the pink tiled background.

9/17 - In the mirror -- We went to the Big E this guess is I could have found a fun house mirror somewhere!

9/18 - What I wore today -- yoga pants...maternity shirt...sweater...  it's what I wear every day these days

9/19 - Where I feel good -- pretty much the only thing that doesn't ache at this point in my pregnancy are my elbows...which leads to the question...can you take a picture of your own elbow?

9/20 - Tea time -- I don't drink tea...but I did pass a Tea-vana store in the Pru yesterday and I thought about how much I don't like tea

9/21 - Sunday morning -- My husband gets up with Little G on the maybe I should have taken a picture of the rats nest of pillows I leave behind when I eventually DO get up for the day ;) that we're all caught up, maybe I WILL try to take at least one more picture over the course of this monthly challenge.

And tell I the only person on the planet who can't even handle one month of daily fill-in-the-blank-ing?

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