Thursday, September 01, 2011

Project September

The other day while I was perusing Pinterest, I saw this fun list staring back at me.  Basically, it is a list of potential photographs to take for each day in September.

I apparently don't have enough on my plate already, so I thought I would participate on my blog.  And by 'participate' I mean, it is 4:00pm and I am JUST remembering to do this so for today I am coping out and posting an original self-portrait that you all see every time you come here to this ole' bloggity blog.  And I have absolutely no intention of seeing this through the whole month...because I'm bad with commitment like that.

How's that for a ringing endorsement for myself?  For those of you interested in the origins of this little project, you can read more about it over at Inspirations Scrap. For the rest of you...I present...



  1. I'm going to attempt this too... I hope I make it the whole month.

  2. love this idea and this post! i am very tempted to tackle this as well, but i'm not sure i will last. that photo is gorgeous!

  3. That's a fun project! Have you ever done any of the 26things projects (