Thursday, August 11, 2011


As you may have noticed (or not if you read your blogs via a reader like I usually do) I've made some layout changes on my blog.

I was recently accepted to the BlogHer network and one of the stipulations is that the advertising bar on the right of my blog has to be 'above the fold'. So, in order to accommodate that, but still have my profile picture up at the top, I went with a three column layout.

I've also updated my comments section to Disqus, which should allow commenters to respond to individual comments and track when someone has responded to them.

I'm pretty non-technologically adept, so let me know if anything is showing up weird for you. Also...does anyone know how to get the text of my profile so that it is to the right of my photo, rather than underneath it?

Thanks so much!

Coasting anon

**update - I sort-of fixed the profile pic/text issue...but only by doing a work around. I would still rather have all of it in one 'widget' so that the distracting separation line doesn't go through my profile as well.

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