Monday, August 29, 2011


I haven't taken nearly as many belly shots with this baby as I did last time I was pregnant. The funny thing is, I'm a second child, so I always promised my unknown second child that I would make sure not to ignore them or treat them differently than the first child. And now that I'm having a second child I'm wondering if I'm ever going to have my act together enough to even bring the camera with me to the hospital, not to even mention do a photo project with pictures from every week of the baby's first year.

Of course, maternity seems more about me, the mom, than it does the kid inside me...which is why I haven't gotten too mad at myself for not recording the process as much as I did the first time...I mean, I've already been through it once, so it's all sort-of old hat.

Anyway, all that said, I did take some pics the other day of my belly (and my new hair cut) and figured I'd post them here as evidence that I am actually pregnant with baby number 2...

These were taken at 30 weeks. For your's what I looked like last time at 32 weeks: Belly Shot.

Oh...and for anyone who is wondering what the view of my stomach is in the evenings after Little G goes to's a little video for you:

Yeah...she's active, that one.


  1. Meerz - you look great!!!

  2. You look so good! Love the hair. 

  3. You look fabulous and love the hair!

  4. I haven't been taking as many belly shots with this second pregnancy either. And just like you, I always swore that I wouldn't treat the second child any differently from the why is it so difficult to take a quick snapshot in front of the mirror?

    As for how you're GLOWING. Seriously. (Can you please send me some of that pregnancy glow? Because I haven't got any!)

  5. GIH - you're too's the hair.  Seriously, there was no glowing prior to the removal of 8" of heavy, split-ended, rag-tag hair.

    But I'll take it!!  

  6. You have the kind of belly I want! So cute and round. Is it the difference between carrying a boy versus carrying a girl, or maybe the difference between baby #1 and #2 when you realize that it's better to take care of yourself now that you realize how much work it is to get back in shape after the baby comes?

  7. I'm actually carrying exactly the same way I did with Little G...high and round.  Of course, it looks even higher because I am a giant with super-long legs and an itty bitty torso!

    What IS different this time is that I am definitely more cognizant in the back of my head of how much it sucked to gain 40lbs last time. much it sucked to only get rid of 30 of the 40lbs.  So while I'm not necessarily eating any better, I do think subconsciously I am making better choices.

    We'll see if I live up to that over the next two months!