Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soon, She Will Be Here

She's already been named. She was named before we ever knew she was a girl. She is very much a real child to me. And I'm scared.

Will I love her enough?

Will I love her as much as I love her brother?

Will she be strong-willed and brave and spirited?

Will she be my 'easy one'?

Will we survive the first year?

Will I experience the debilitating depression I felt with Little G?

Will I remember what to do?

Will I take enough pictures of her?

Will she hate me because of her hair?

Will she grow up believing us when we tell her how beautiful she is?

Will she escape the teenage years without too much torment and heartbreak?

Will she know how much we love her?

She's already named. The letters hang on the wall in her nursery. Hers. Little G moved out a couple of weeks ago into his big-boy room and never looked back. We have two months to go until she arrives, hopefully, but she is very much a part of our family already. She dances in my belly at dinner time. She kicks where her big brother kisses me. She rolls around while I sleep. She reacts to the sound of my husband's voice. She's growing in leaps and bounds.

Soon, she will be here.


  1. I too, have been wondering just how we will ever manage to survive the following year. Actually, make that the new FEW years, because as soon as the first infant year (which I loathe) is over, Claire will be entering her terrible twos...and then the second baby will turn two the year after that...ack!

    You will do just fine. :-) (And I will tell myself the same thing too.)

  2. I can't answer all your questions (no teenagers here yet!), but I can assure you beyond a doubt that you will love her just as much as you love G. I clearly remember rocking P to sleep a few nights before H was born, and I cried because I felt like I was stealing something away from him and I knew I was changing his world forever. But the moment H was born I loved him just as much as I'd ever loved P, and P loved H, too. Best thing in the world to having a sibling who's your friend. I hope G and his little sister will be awesome pals.