Monday, August 01, 2011

Where've you been?

We've been away...couldn't you tell from the lack of posting? Things got really hectic right before our vacation and then they continued to be stressful WHILE we were on vacation...which didn't really make for a great vacation...but we still had a great time and I'm looking forward to sharing some of the pictures with you plus stories that may or may not include the following topics:
  • giant, 300 lbs seals

  • plagues of locusts

  • lobster bakes

  • jelly fish torturing

  • fly infestations

  • spider bites

Jeesh...all but one of those don't make the shore sound all that great.

Anyway...for the moment, I'm holed up at my sister's/mom's house in Central PA until Friday (don't you worry all you potential home invaders out husband is home this week) and I have to write some posts for FLOR while simultaneously helping my family clean out a very. full. basement. and taking care of an active toddler without the help of day care or other fun activities to keep him occupied (although he will be going to 'camp' for three hours every morning at my sister's church).

Anyway, until I get my act together, enjoy these teaser pics of the beach...

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