Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So we've been a gDiaper household since Little G was about 8 days old. We have loved using gDiapers and I have long been an advocate for them. You can read my many thoughts on gDiapers by clicking on the gMum tag over on the right-hand-side of my blog.

But...things are changing around here.

Namely, Little G was accepted to his daycare in a full time slot. Starting at the beginning of October, he will be going to daycare five days a week....correction...we'll be paying for five days a week...but I most likely will only send him 3-4 days a week depending on my work load and other activities that we have planned.

His daycare is amazing. It is an in-home daycare, but it is run by an amazing woman who has years of background in child development and pre-school settings. They follow a curriculum, they make their own meals, they garden and compost and do crafts and learn letters and make great friends. Little G has thrived there from day 1, and although I will miss having him around, I 100% feel that this place is the best place for him to be in preparation for pre-school.


Today they let me know that along with the new contract, they are no longer going to be working with our gDiaper system. Apparently, when Little G is at daycare, he poops multiple times...and it is just as messy every. single. time.

While the gDiaper system is created so that you flush poopy diapers down the toilet, and while I gave them a tutorial on how to do it, the building itself is owned by the owner's family, specifically her mother, and they refuse to flush the inserts down the toilet for fear of their septic system.

As an advocate for gDiapers, it breaks my heart that I am unable to show them that while our home and system are even older than theirs, we have never had a problem with flushing the inserts.

I spoke with the director of the program for a loooooong time on Friday and it turns out that since Little G was pooping multiple times a day, they were washing out his liners and putting them in the sun to dry so they could use them again. Had I ever known this was happening, I would have sent along more diapers so they wouldn't have to do that! Little G's poop schedule at home is once a day...tops. I had absolutely no idea he went so much at daycare!

So on top of cleaning out his liners everyday instead of just packing them up for us to deal with, they have also been dealing with the fact that since Little G is an older toddler, his poop stinks up the high hell. THIS I know...I have experienced it. But since we flush the poop, we never have an issue. But since they just toss the insert like a regular diaper, it apparently stinks up the place enough that another parent COMMENTED on it and then ran out of the building!! EEP!!

The good news is that Little G is on the verge of potty training and so it isn't like we are going to ruin the planet with a few months worth of plastic diapers. But I will say, it was quite a shock to go in there and have them tell me that I couldn't use the diapers anymore. I mean, this is one of the very first parenting decisions we researched and made a decision on way back before Little G was ever born...so to have gone successfully for two years and NOW have to change, it breaks my heart a little bit.

But we will most certainly do whatever the daycare needs us to do and will start providing disposable diapers for Little G. I just wish there was a way to go back and change a few things:
1) if I knew that they were washing out liners, I would have provided more
2) if I knew they were so afraid of flushing the inserts, I would have been more proactive about showing them how the system works
3) if I knew that I wasn't going to be able to use the diapers all the way through potty training, I might have gone a different direction all together

In the end, it isn't the end of the world. But I do feel a little shitty over the whole thing.


  1. Can you try to potty train him now? Really though, a dozen diapers a week isn't so bad. I'd be more concerned about what else they aren't telling you... Not asking for extra diapers this whole time is bizarre behavior.(not trying to alarm you...)

  2. Interesting....I can see Andrea's comment in my blogger, but not in Disqus...so for anyone wondering what I'm responding to...here's Andrea's original comment:

    Can you try to potty train him now? Really though, a dozen diapers a week isn't so bad. I'd be more concerned about what else they aren't telling you... Not asking for extra diapers this whole time is bizarre behavior.(not trying to alarm you...)

  3. Andrea - I COULD try to potty train him now, but I sincerely don't think he's ready and I refuse to suffer through potty training for a year when I could just do if for a week when he IS ready.  That said, he goes to school and wants to sit on the potty because his friends do, and so he does, but nothing ever happens.  He sometimes sits on the potty here, but same deal.  I'm just not pushing the potty training with a potty-training-agenda until he's older.

    I should also clarify, that Little G always has a full supply of disposable diaper inserts at daycare.  So, I'm not concerned that they aren't telling me other things, because it isn't that he wasn't getting changed, it was that they were going waaaaaaaaay above the call of duty and washing out his poopy liners every time he pooped rather than sending them home for us to wash and letting us know that we needed to provide more liners.  It is complicated if you don't know the different parts of the gDiaper to explain, but truly, they were doing WAY more work than they should have been on the one hand (by washing out diaper liners).  Hope that clarifies it more.

  4. Andrea of TheTrainToCrazyWed Aug 31, 02:20:00 AM

    Well, I'm glad it is just that they are weird and like extra work =) And I'm with you on not pushing potty training. I usually advise against it!