Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Big-Boy Bedroom upgrades

Things have been moving right along with Little G's big-boy bedroom. He's actually been sleeping in his big-boy bed for almost three weeks now. He was fascinated with the room from the moment we slapped the dark-blue tinted primer on top of the light green walls. Ever since then, he's been begging to hang out in the big-boy once his bed and the room darkening shades arrived, we decided to try it out and he hasn't been back to the crib since.

Side note - it is moments like these that flick past you in an instant and all of the sudden your little baby is sleeping in a big-boy bed and you barely can grasp the fact that he's a walking, talking chatterbox, let alone, an independent, grown boy. Sigh.

Anyway, the room still isn't completely done...but over the past week I DID combine some cheap Ikea curtains with some expensive Zgallerie curtains to make these awesome panels for his room:

More details will be available on the FLOR blog in the coming weeks...but I wanted to share it all with you first!

Have you ever 'hacked' store bought curtains?

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