Friday, August 05, 2011

Home stretch

It has been a long two weeks. Satisfying and fun and exhausting, but looooong. Of course, that's how I feel about the whole summer so far. It feels like we were in Portugal about 10 years ago...

Since then, we've been up to the Adirondack's for Fourth of July...

We've celebrated Little G's second birthday...

We spent a glorious week at the Jersey Shore...

And now Little G and I have been in Pennsylvania with my mom and sister for a week. In between and amidst all of that was a rush to get three large invitation orders out the door utilizing the twice daily breaks I get from Little G by way of daycare.

This evening, we will fly home and theoretically, August will be much more laid back...except for the big boy room that we're mid-way through fixing up, the small changes we'll be making to the nursery, the brunches I'm hosting at our house, the exhaustive search for a pre-school option that is going to have to happen since come October 1 we are out of a daycare option, the business trips my husband will be taking and the 'relaxing' we will (hopefully) be doing at the neighbor's pool!

I say all of this because before we know it September will be here and after that is October and then we're HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!!


I'm trying so hard to hold onto these last days I have with my family of three before we head down the treacherous, yet ultimately worth-it path of newborn/infant-hood. But summers in New England go fast anyway, and now that I'm a parental unit in charge, I'm finding the summer to be even faster.

I remember when I was pregnant with Little G and in March, when it was as cold, blustery and dreary as could be people would ask me my due date. When I would tell them, July 3, they would shrug and say 'Oh, you have LOTS of time', while inside I was thinking, 'Shit. That's only two and a half months away...I don't think these people actually realize how close July IS!'

That's sort-of how I feel about my November 5 due date. Here we are in the dog-days of summer and while I seem to be acutely aware of the fact that November 5 is very, VERY soon...most people think I'm nuts since it is hard to think of gray, cold November when your toes are embedded in the warm sand at the beach.

If you are still unclear...November 5 is three months from today. Written like that, it seems like forever...but I know that I will blink and the summer will be over and then before I know it, the days will be shorter and the nights will come before dinner time and it will be time to have a baby girl.

So hold on to your summer, peeps, because it's gonna be a fast ride into November.

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  1. I can't get over how big "little" G looks sitting in his own beach chair. Enjoy this fleeting summer!